#VegasGems – Stealth Trending, Good Times at JCK and Couture 2013

#VegasGems • One Ring Pop to rule them all

#VegasGems • One Ring Pop to rule them all

If you were at the 2013 JCK and Couture jewelry trade shows last weekend, you may have noticed a Ring Pop with #VegasGems tagged on the wrapper. That Ring Pop came courtesy of designer-product guru Jessica Cohen of Lup Rocks. Jessica and a very merry band of incredibly talented and gorgeous women formed a group, which I was honored to join, Vegas Gems. Before I name them all individually, I have to say this: I’ve been attending the Vegas shows for the last 4 years, and no show has been more memorable than this one. It was these amazing women that inspired me right along with the incredible jewelry I saw at the shows. So thank you, Vegas Gems, for this experience. And let’s do it again next year!!

I spent Friday at Couture seeing some of my favorite designers including Elena Votsi, Paula Crevoshay, Arunashi, and Goshwara–and I had a blast at the LoveGold booth, which stole the show! I also ran into the stunning women of Single Stone on Mission Street, a Los Angeles-area boutique where I used to work. Huge shout out to owner Corina Limon-Madilian, manager Heidi Barnett, and sales associate Danielle Delgado.

Friday Night with #VegasGems 

…and Friday night I met the illustrious Vegas Gems! I have followed these bloggers, editors, and designers for years, so to meet them in person was just spectacular! Designer Shamila Jiwa brought us all together with the great idea of doing a blogger/designer summit–huge thanks to Shamila! Check out my recent interview with Ms. Jiwa. The aforementioned Jessica Cohen of Lup Rocks sparked our creativity with ideas for rogue/stealth promotion of the shows. Designer and writer Wendy Brandes simply rocked my world. I bought her IDGAF necklace right off her neck, as she inspired me with stories about the piece. Brittany Siminitz from JCK Marketplace sparkled and shined with jewelry information. If you don’t already, follow her at JCK!

It was lovely to meet the fantastic editor of the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group’s website and idazzle.com founder Monica Stephenson and jewelry writer Cheryl Kremkow–both of whom I’ve followed for years. Also lovely to meet Elizabeth Brewer. And it was a treat sharing flowy-pant love with jewelry designer Katrina Kelly. I was struck by her designs, as she wears them beautifully. And then there was Barbara Palumbo–the incredible vice president of sales from Jeff Cooper. Barbara channeled Dynasty glam at JCK Rocks the Beach to boot! I think she looks like Fallon. Next year, I’ll be donning my best Joan Collins!

  • #VegasGems Left to right: Wendy Brandes, Jessica Cohen, Katrina Kelly, Brittany Siminitz, Monica Stephenson, me, Barbara Palumbo, Shamila Jiwa, Cheryl Kremkow, and Elizabeth Brewer

Saturday Night: 3rd Annual Pricescope Get-Together!

I’ve been the editor at Pricescope.com since 2009. And for the past 3 years, we’ve held a get-together during JCK weekend. The beauty of the get-together is that it brings together our fabulous consumer community and trade members to mix and mingle. We do this at Pricescope on the forum, but in Vegas we all get to meet in person! To honor our consumer members, we gathered fabulous door prizes to give away during the event. From a $5K pair of diamond studs to a stunning diamond eternity band, the prizes were just incredible this year! Check them out at Pricescope! The event has grown exponentially, and this year’s party at MGM Skylofts was a wild success. Special thanks to Pricescope.com owner Andrey Pilipchak and his lovely wife Devon–and of course, our illustrious director Garry Holloway of Holloway Diamonds.

Sunday Night: JCK Rocks the Beach! 

After a long day at JCK meeting with the fantastic teams at Omi Privé, Van Craeynest, Oscar Heyman, and more!–and running into renowned jewelry designer Reena Ahluwalia and diamond industry analyst and commentator, Edahn Golan–we hit the beach! Peter Walberg–my graphic designer husband–and I had an absolute blast hanging out at the JCK cabana and in the water watching Maroon 5! And what a perfect culmination for an incredible weekend of jewels, new-and-old friends, and the fantasy called Las Vegas. Stay tuned for designer coverage from the shows here and at Pricescope.com!