Wedding Bands! Introducing the Fidelia Collection

Fidelia Wedding Band Collection: left to right – Lily, Viola, Liv, and Imogen in platinum and 18k rose gold

First, thanks to everyone for your inquiries on my new wedding band collection! I launched the line last month and have been sharing the styles on my Instagram and Facebook pages. In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be delving into each style on this blog and talking about how these gorgeous bands pair with my engagement rings and with each other! The bands are easy to mix and match, and each style has a sister design that works beautifully with it. So stay tuned, more detailed style information is coming soon!

Top to bottom: Isabella with elongated French cuts, Viola, and Eleanor with square French cuts all in 18k yellow gold

I named the collection Fidelia, a word derived from the Latin adjective meaning faithful, loyal, and true. The name is a play on the themes in the rings themselves, as the designs hearken to Victorian medieval revival—specifically chivalric themes in art and literature of the period—but with 21st-century style and edge. More women are choosing their own engagement rings than ever before, and when it comes to the wedding band–or stack of bands!–women are selecting and purchasing for themselves. It’s a new chivalry, a new romance. Women can be loyal, faithful, and true to themselves and their goals–and their personal style–as well as their partners. And as contemporary couples and nuptials evolve, bridal jewelry evolves too.

Erika Winters Fine Jewelry Cordelia Wedding Band

Cordelia in platinum with French cut diamonds

Each style is handcrafted in the U.S., and I worked to deliver the absolute best craftsmanship for the collection. The bands range from very slim and delicate styles that include the Imogen, Viola, Rose, and Lily to medium widths and more substantial styles set with French cut diamonds, including Cordelia, Liv, Eleanor, and Isabella. The French cut diamonds in each band are custom-cut in the Art Deco style.

Details and finish: left to right: Isabella, Cordelia, and Eleanor in 18k yellow gold and platinum. Some of the French cut styles taper in the back with a delicate knife edge.

Details and finish: left to right – Isabella, Cordelia, and Eleanor in 18k yellow gold and platinum. Some of the French cut styles taper in the back with a delicate knife edge.

I love texture and unique finishes, so I worked to bring my signature brushed finish to the collection. The finish works so beautifully with the metal–each style is available in rose, yellow, and white gold, and platinum. We are happy to make these bands with a polished finish as well as customize them for you.

Erika Winters Fine Jewelry Wedding Bands

Fidelia Collection Stack: top to bottom – Lily, Viola, Rose, and Imogen

 I’ll be sharing more about new locations where you can see the bands in stores as well! So stay tuned! Also some new earring and pendant styles are coming soon! Lots to come! Thanks for reading!