Petals and Swags: A New Version of the Grace Solitaire

Grace solitaire engagement ring by Erika Winters

New version of the Grace solitaire

I’m very excited to share this new version of my Grace solitaire engagement ring. This rendition was made for a client, and I’m so happy with the finished ring! The original Grace solitaire was designed with a petal-shaped gallery and soft swags that reach to delicately pointed prongs. I worked with my client to preserve the aesthetic of the original Grace but added petals that curve up into a cathedral supported by open circle detail. The result has a lovely depth and dimension that works so well with the style.

We set a 1.47-carat old European cut diamond into the new Grace, a stunning diamond with classic old Euro proportions. I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but enjoy this new version of the Grace solitaire! And to J & A, we send you a hearty congratulations on your engagement!

Grace solitaire engagement ring by Erika Winters

Petal detail on the new Grace solitaire


Grace solitaire engagement ring by Erika Winters

Delicate prongs hold a stunning old European cut diamond


Grace solitaire engagement ring by Erika Winters

Open-circle detail supports the petals that extend down the ring’s shoulders


Erika Winters Designs Grace Solitaire Engagement Ring

Stunning on the finger, new version of the Grace solitaire


EW Designs: Mint Juleps and a Caroline Halo Engagement Ring

Erika Winters Design Caroline Halo Engagement Ring

The original Caroline halo engagement ring in platinum with a 2.5-carat antique cushion-cut diamond

Well hello! I have officially come up for air after launching my new bridal collection last February. (Eeek! that moment you realize your last blog post was in January!) I’m so happy to share that a total of 9 designs have been produced amidst client orders from the collection. But I’d like to go back a bit and talk about the very first design that we created, the Caroline Halo.

The first Caroline will always hold a special place in my heart: to see the design emerge from loose sketches to finalized artwork and onto the bench and ultimately onto my finger is a feeling that I can’t quite describe. I’m very much a process-oriented person with creative roots as an actor and a dancer. So when Caroline landed, it was like the thrill of an opening night show–when all of your efforts culminate into one spectacular ball of energy. But, as an actor working in theatre, you know you have a long run ahead of you, so you propel that energy forward for weeks of upcoming shows. The process is ongoing, and it’s the best part.

I was lucky that the first Caroline was purchased by my sister Victoria, who wanted to keep the original in the family. So if I want to see the first Caroline, all I have to do is fly to Dallas from Seattle and try to pry it off her finger. There’s no way she’s sending it to me–that baby is staying on! Says she.

rika Winters Designs Caroline Halo Engagement Ring

Caroline on my hand before departing to Dallas

But we’ve produced more Carolines, so I get to see the style made new each time–which is so exciting! We’ve now made Caroline in platinum and in yellow gold with antique diamonds and colored gemstones. Caroline plays on a shape I love, the octagon, but in a form that is soft and floral. The edges with soft scalloping, the handmade gallery with curving vines and swan-like detail, and the plain band with my signature finish impart an Old World elegance. Or as my sister says, “Caroline should be lounging on wide veranda sipping a mint julep in Southern style.”

Caroline halo engagement ring in 18k yellow gold

Caroline halo engagement ring in 18k yellow gold

One other thing to note about Caroline is the look is substantial–and more than a little glamorous to boot. I showed the design to several colleagues and friends during jewelry market week last June in Las Vegas, and many remarked on how much presence the style has on the hand. That’s all me–guilty as charged–for delivering some “blingpact” into this design. Plus the Caroline I was wearing is set with a 2.65-carat antique cushion-cut diamond. I like big (old) diamonds, and I cannot lie.

Erika Winters Designs Caroline Halo Engagement Ring

Caroline in color with a client’s lovely sapphire

Last I’d like to talk about the EW signature finish. All of my designs feature this finish in part. And many combine this finish with high polish in places you might not expect. This finish is akin to brushed or satin, but it’s finely textured to bounce light. The way a ring handles light is one of my obsessions–it’s not just the diamond, but the metal that captivates the eye. Beauty from all angles is what I endeavor to create. And Caroline, the first design, brought it to life.

Caroline halo in platinum

Caroline halo in platinum

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