Coming Soon: Bridal Jewelry by Erika Winters

Erika Winters Designs


So there’s been a bit of a pause on this blog, as I’ve had my head down at the drafting table designing a new bridal jewelry collection. I’m so excited to share the designs, which will be unveiled very soon!

Bridal jewelry is my passion. I’ve sketched engagement rings for years in addition to collecting jewelry and working with jewelers on personal creations for my own collection. So when a colleague called and asked if I’d like to design an engagement ring line for her new online jewelry shop, I couldn’t wait to begin.

Many of the designs are still in production, but I will share the first samples of the looks at the beginning of February–which is just days away! My designs are all set with old European-cut and antique cushion-cut diamonds. I have an intense love for old-cut diamonds, as they are veritable time capsules displaying the beauty, romance, and history of Old World jewelry.

And as for the designs themselves, they are contemporary with vintage elements and intimate details that truly make my heart sing. I am intrigued by the challenges of creating a unique balance of elements, so you will see a variety of polishes and diamond details juxtaposed with the simplicity of gold and platinum forms. To highlight the metals’ beauty, I’ve incorporated a signature finish into many of the designs. That finish is a contemporary interpretation of antique rings that have been worn for decades–soft with texture that catches light. My designs are also all handcrafted in the United States, which is essential to me.

As a jewelry photographer, I’m often examining details through a macro lens, so my designs reflect what I want to see most in an engagement ring. I have endeavored to realize my vision for rings that offer beauty from all angles, fine craftsmanship, and unexpected elements that will make the women who wear them feel and look amazing.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned! Soon will become a website highlighting my designs. But my blog will still be here, and I will be updating it more regularly!